Renowned for the use of “rapid stance transitions” is a form of North American martial art known as American Kenpo. This “hybrid” form of martial art is said to have originated from Hawaii located in the United States of America. Furthermore, this form of combat was first developed and codified into self defense system by an American named Ed Parker. In addition, this form of martial has been developed so as to encourage increased body coordination.

a. History/origin of the American Kenpo:

Apparently, this martial art form first developed in the United States of America during in the 1940’s. It was an American martial artist known as William KS Chow born in Honolulu Hawaii who actually created this martial art form by using elements belonging to the “Chinese Kenpo” he learnt from his father. Furthermore, Chow then further experimented with this martial form and developed a “codified” system which he passed on to his pupils, and one such pupil was Ed Parker. It was then Paker who further developed this system and formed his own modified version called the “American Knepo”.

b. Weapon used in the American Kenpo:

“Kick and punches” are mainly used as a weapon by a fighter during a bout of American Kenpo.

c. Technique involved in the American Kenpo and training availability:

In terms of technique, this form of martial art involves the use of rapid body movements. Furthermore, combinations of “kicks and punches” are mainly used in this form of combat. In addition, the American Kenpo also help a fighter in developing environmental awareness, structural stability, balance, coordination, power, speed, and timing. As for training centers/school, there are many available especially in the United States of America for those interested in learning this “hybrid” martial art form.


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