“A stick fighting combat style” would be the apt way to describe a Caribbean form of martial art known as Bajan Sticklicking. This “traditional” combat form is said to have originated in Barbados. Apparently, this form of martial art is said to have its roots in Africa. Furthermore, this form of stick fighting is said to have gradually spread around the Caribbean region.

a. History/origin of Bajan Sticklicking:

According to the cultural history of Barbados, this martial art form possessing African roots was first observed on the island country during the 16th century. Apparently, it was due to the “Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade” that this martial form was seen in Barbados. Furthermore, it was the slave trade that led to a creation of a strong African diaspora on the island. And it was then this diaspora of Africans that help create this form of combat known as “Bajan Sticklicking”. In addition, the first real evidence of the existence of this form of Stick fighting in the Caribbean islands was seen in a lithograph created by an Italian artist named Agostino Brunias in Dominica in the year 1779.

b. Weapon used in the Bajan Sticklicking:

A pair of “fire hardened wooden sticks” comprising of different lengths is used by the fighters as weapon in this form of combat.

c. Technique involved in the Bajan Sticklicking and training availability:

In terms of technique, the fighters basically use a pair of wooden sticks to “attack and defend” as and when required. As for training centres/schools, there is one available in Barbados known as the “DBSS Sticklicking and Martial Arts School”.


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