Mainly involving weapons such as “sword, staff, and spear” is a Southeast Asian martial art form known as Banshay. This “weapon” based martial art form is said to have originated from Myanmar. Apparently, this combat form is similar to the other styles such as the Thai Krabi Krabong, Cambodian Kbach, and Malay silat. Furthermore, Banshay mainly involves the use of a sword known as “Dha”. In addition, a war dance is usually performed before the commencement of a duel.

History/origin of the Banshay:

According to the cultural history of Myanmar, there was huge influx of Buddhists belonging to India and China migrating to this country. It was therefore combining elements belonging to the Indian and Chinese martial art forms brought in by these communities that Banshay was eventually created.

Weapons used in the Banshay:

The weapons mainly used in this form of martial art include a spear, a sword, and a staff.

Techniques involved in the Banshay and training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter basically yields a sword, staff, or spear to overcome the opponent. Furthermore, a sword known as “Dha” is mainly used as a weapon in this martial art form. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world for this “weapon” based martial art form.

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