Created by combining elements belonging to several martial art forms is a North American form of combat known as Chun Kuk Do. This “hybrid” form of martial art is said to have originated from United States of America. Furthermore, this form of combat was developed by American martial artist/actor Chuck Norris. In addition, the United Fighting Arts Federation provides for training in Chun Kuk Do and currently possesses about 3,000 registered members the world over.

History/origin of the Chun Kuk Do:

This form of martial art was first created in the year 1990 by American martial artist/actor Chuck Norris. Apparently, in the year 1958 Norris began learning “Tang Soo Do” while he was serving in the US Air Force in South Korea. Furthermore, on returning to America he studied various styles of martial arts from teachers such as Shin Jae Chul, Shotokan, Ed Parker, Gene LeBell etc.  It was thus combining elements belonging to Tang Soo Do and other form of martial arts such as American Kenpo, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that Norris eventually created a new martial art form that was named “Chun Kuk Do” which when literally translated means “The Universal Way”.

The weapon used in the Chun Kuk Do:

The “hands and legs” of the fighter is mainly used as a weapon in this form of martial art.

The technique involved in the Chun Kuk Do and training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter basically uses a combination of “kicks and punches” to overcome an opponent. Furthermore, “grappling” techniques may also be used by the fighter in this form of martial art. As for training schools/centers, there are many available especially in places such as USA, Mexico, Norway, and Paraguay for those interested in learning this “hybrid” martial art form.

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