How Do You Choose The Ideal Martial Art School?

In the world today a variety of martial art forms have become extremely popular especially among children. So, it is due to this popularity that a number of schools teaching various martial art forms have mushroomed all over the globe. Now, the pertinent question to be asked is, How exactly do you find the best school of martial arts from the many available? Here is then presenting a few key points (prescribed by American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris) that one should follow in order to select the Ideal Martial Art School either for self or for children.

a. Personally acquiring first hand information about the Martial Art School: 

“Personal contact to acquire the appropriate information” is what Norris recommends to all prospective students who are looking for an ideal Martial Art School. He also advises to check whether or not the school provides for promotional testing. Now, if by chance they do not provide a test, then according to Chuck this is not an ideal school to learn any form of martial art. He also states that schools that award martial art students  a belt without actually testing the skill level must be completely ignored.

b. Properly evaluate the test provided by the Martial Art School: 

In case the school does provide for a promotional test then, according to Norris a proper evaluation of the individual carrying out the test must be undertaken by the prospective student. In addition, he also suggests that the other students awaiting their test must also be observed carefully. Furthermore, “respect and discipline” the two basic features of any ideal Martial Art School according to Norris must also be evaluated before making a final decision.

c. Check for the “Physical Conditioning” used in the Martial Art School: 

Since “strength and stamina” form the cornerstone of any martial art form Norris recommends that the prospective student observes carefully the “Physical Conditioning” used by the Martial Art School. He suggests an individual should  only select a school which uses  conditioning that tests the student to a limit he/she can tolerate. In addition, he also states one should it find out whether the school uses forms such as hyung or kata.  Furthermore, the future would be student should also also inquire as to whether school the focuses on the techniques involving the feet or hand. It is therefore according to Norris only after evaluating such factors that one must select a school.

d.  Evaluate the overall “Quality” of the Martial Art School: 

The “facilities” provided by the Martial Art School is above all the most important factor that must be evaluated before making the final decision. According to Norris one must ensure that the school provides for features that would lead to quality training. He also advises that one must observe the manner which the uniform has been worn by the student at this school i.e. whether or not it is clean and properly ironed. In addition, he says that it would also  be wise to check out the average age of students applying for admission at the school.

And so, according to Chuck Norris it is only after obtaining satisfactory answers to all the four vital points mentioned above that you should go ahead and chose a Martial Art School.

Image credit courtesy 514th Air Mobility Wing


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