“The way of the flowering knights” is how an East Asian martial art form known as Hwa Rang Do is also referred to as. This “Striking, hybrid, grappling and weapon” based form of combat is said to have originated in South Korea. It was created during the 1960s by siblings Joo Bang Lee and Joo Sang Lee. Furthermore, this combat form is based on five rules and nine principles based on philosophy. They are as follows

Five Rules of Hwa Rang Do:

Number (1 to 5)Rules in Korean (Hangul)Translation
IISa Kun E ChoongLoyalty to one’s country
ESa Chin E HyoLoyalty to one’s parents and teachers
SamKyo Woo E ShinTrust and brotherhood among friends
SaIm Jeon Moo TaeCourage never to take a backward step in the face of the enemy
OhSal Saeng Yoo TeakNever to take a life without a cause

Nine Principles based on Philosophy:

Korean (Hangul)English

History/origin of the Hwa Rang Do:

According to the cultural history of South Korea, Hwa Rang Do was created by siblings Joo Bang Lee and Joo Sang Lee. Apparently, they studied martial art forms such as Yudo and Kumdo under the guidance of their father from a very young age. It was in the year 1942 that the father of Bang and Sang Lee asked a monk named Suham Dosa to train them in traditional Korean martial art styles such as the ancient Hwarang. It was under this monk that the brothers began their martial arts training in the Ham Nam province in North Korea. It was during the 1950s that they trained under Choi Yong-Sool, the founder of Hapkido, and eventually became certified instructors in this combat form in 1960. Furthermore, in the 1960’s they also underwent Kung Fu training under a martial artist known as Suh In-Hyuk.  It was eventually in 1968 that their first teacher Dosa eventually died who at the time of his death conferred the title of “DoJo” to Bang Lee. It was after the death of their master that the brothers combined the knowledge they had obtained about Hwarang, Hapkido, and Kung Fu to create an extremely unique martial art form known as Hwa Rang Do.

Weapon used in the Hwa Rang Do:

Since “grappling and striking” techniques are mainly used in this martial art form the “hands and feet” are mainly used as a weapon.

Technique involved in the Hwa Rang Do and training availability:

In terms of technique, the fighter in Hwa Rang Do basically makes use of movements such as open hand striking, throws, takedowns and ground fighting i.e. grappling techniques. In addition, it also involves the use of meditative techniques artistic, intellectual, cultural, and character development. As for training centers/schools, there are a number of them available around the world especially in the United States of America for all those interested in learning this essentially “striking and grappling” form of martial art.

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