Mainly practiced using a “longstaff” is a Southeast Asian form of martial art known as Kbach Kun Dambong Veng. This “traditional” form of physical combat is said to have originated from Cambodia. Furthermore, in the Cambodian language “Dambong” means “staff” and “Veng” means “long”. And so the literal English translation of this combat style is “the martial art skill of the longstaff”.

a. History/origin of the Kbach Kun Dambong:

According to the cultural history of Cambodia, this form of martial art is said to have been developed as form of self defense. It was basically created to allow Cambodians to fight their enemies. However, as of today this form of combat is mainly practiced as a sport in several clubs found in the country.

b. Weapon used in the Kbach Kun Dambong:

The weapon mainly used in this form of martial art by the fighter is a “longstaff”.

c. Technique involved in the Kbach Kun Dambong and training availability:

In terms of technique, a pair of fighters essentially “attack and defend” each other using a “longstaff”. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “traditional” form of martial art is mainly practiced in Cambodia.

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