Created fusing elements belonging to “wrestling, boxing, fencing, sambo, judo, and archery” is a Eurasian combat form known as Khridoli. This “eclectic” combat form is said to have originated from Georgia. Apparently, centuries ago the term Khridoli was given to a “one handed form of boxing” which was extremely popular in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Furthermore, it was in the year 1993 that an organization known as “Khridoli Federation” was established in the Soviet Union to promote this form of combat.

a. History/origin of Khridoli:

According to the cultural history of Georgia, Khridoli was first created in the within the country during the 4th century BC. Apparently, this combat form is commonly practiced in many villages located in the mountainous region of this Eurasian country, with many competitions being held annually. Furthermore, in the year 2014 the Georgian government declared “Khridoli” along with “Lelo Burti” as the “nonmaterial monument” of culture.

b. Weapon used in the Khridoli:

The weapon mainly used in this combat form is the “hands” of the fighter.

c. Technique involved in the Khridoli and the training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter in this form of combat basically makes use of moves such as throws and grabs to overcome an opponent. Furthermore, in one of the many forms of Khridoli the challenger with one hand tied has to fight an opponent who is permitted to use both his hands. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world for this “eclectic” martial art form.

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