Also involving “blows” caused by the use of the hands is a form of African wrestling known as Laamb or Senegalese wrestling. This “traditional” form of martial art is said to have originated from the West African country Senegal, and practiced mainly by a community called “Serer”. Apparently, the Laamb is the only form of West African wrestling that allows for the active use of hands. Furthermore, this form of martial art as of today is also officially the “national sport” of Senegal.

a. History/origin of Laamb wrestling:

According to the cultural history of Senegal, Laamb wrestling was essentially developed by a community in Senegal known as Serer. Now Senegal is a country that comprises of a large “warrior class”. And so it was to provide these warrior classes with an ideal preparatory exercise that this form of wrestling was created in the country.

b. Weapons used in Laamb wrestling:

Since this form of martial art is wrestling, it is mainly the hands that are used as a weapon by the wrestler. In addition, in this form of wrestling a wrestler is permitted to use hands to deliver a “blow” on the body of the opponent.

c. Technique used in Laamb wrestling and training availability:

In terms of technique, the essential aim of the wrestler in this form of wrestling is to try and throw his opponent on the ground by lifting him over. Additionally, the wrestler is also allowed to use his “hands” to deliver blow on the body of his opponent. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “traditional” form of martial art is mainly performed in Senegal.

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