Extremely similar in style to “Canarian and Sumo wrestling” is a West European combat style known as Leonese wrestling. This “grappling” martial art form is said to have originated from the Leon Province located in Spain. Furthermore, this form of wrestling is considered to be an extremely “ancient” sport practiced throughout Europe. Apparently, this form of wrestling was popularized throughout the Iberian Peninsula by shepherds belonging to the province of Leon. In addition, two leagues involving the use of Leonese wrestling (i.e. summer and winter) are organized annually.

History/origin of the Leonese wrestling:

According to the cultural history of Spain, this style of wrestling was developed in a province known as Leon. Apparently, it was the shepherd community belonging to this province who popularized this form of wrestling throughout Spain including the Iberian Peninsula. Furthermore, this wrestling style possesses several names depending upon the region in which it is practiced.

Weapon used in Leonese wrestling:

The weapon mainly used in this style of wrestling is the “hands” of the wrestlers.

Techniques involved in the Leonese wrestling and training availability:

In terms of technique, the primary objective of the wrestler is to compel any region of the back of the opponent to come in contact with the floor. Furthermore, once the back of the opponent is brought in contact with the ground technically it is recorded as a “fall”. In addition, a wrestler makes use of a dress code that includes a short T-shirt and short trousers. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world for this “grappling” form of combat.


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