How Does Martial Art Benefit Your Child?

“Fusion of mind, body, and soul” is the basic principle upon which martial art forms have been based on. Now, these styles of combat when learned will inculcate in an individual a  few valuable lessons of life along as well as health benefits. Therefore when taught to children, martial arts helps provide them with “physical as well as spiritual maturity”. And so, here is presenting a few benefits that your child can gain by acquiring training in martial arts.

Encouragement of Increased Fitness Level in your child: 

“Push up and stretches” are some of the common exercises used in martial art forms that help in increasing “flexibility” in your child. Furthermore, the intense body, leg, and hand movements commonly used during training is extremely useful in developing a strong cardiovascular system within a child. And so, it is a combination of “flexibility” and an overall healthy body that martial art develops within your child when used.

Inculcates “Self Discipline” and teaches “Self Defence” techniques to your child: 

Acquiring skills in martial art enables your child protect himself/herself against unexpected attacks that can happen especially when present in public space. There are several “self defense” techniques which are included in most combat forms, and hence learning such skills ensures that your child is prepared when the time arises. In addition, a few schools teaching martial art also provide children with some “street smart” techniques to completely avoid any uneasy situation that may arise.

“Self discipline” a key value essential to achieving success in life can also be inculcated in your child by using martial art. For example, the use of technique, uniform, and customs involved in most combat forms helps an individual develop “discipline” that in turn can be practically used in life.

Helps Develop a feeling of “respect” for another human being within your child: 

“Respect” is one quality that martial art can help inculcate within your child. For example, a tradition states that a fighter “bows” his/her head before the teacher out of respect prior to a commencement of a bout. It is such values that exist within most martial art forms, which can help develop a sense of “respect” for all human beings within your child. Furthermore, most teachers of  combat styles stress upon respecting self, parents, teachers, and peers. It is thus high emphasis on such values in martial art forms that will ensure that your child too learns to respect people and life in general.

Helps in developing”self-confidence” within your child: 

“Belt system” is an integral part of martial art forms that help reward a candidate that successfully completes a stage in acquiring knowledge. In this system, the individual is rewarded by a “colored belt” indicating that he/she can now jump to the next level. It is this kind of performance measuring system that eventually helps an individual become self-confident. And so, if your child undergoes martial art training it is this unique “reward system” that will eventually help boost his/her self-confidence, an essential ingredient to be successful in life.

Helps utilize excessive energy in your child: 

Young children usually are blessed with “large amount” of energy. However, at times this energy may prove excessive resulting in the child misusing it and becoming a nuisance for others. And so, if you intend to channelize this excessive energy (which could prove to be extremely damaging in the long run) in your child then martial art could prove to be an ideal solution. This is because practicing any form of combat requires “effort” which in turn means “burning off calories”, eventually leading to reduction in excess energy.

So if, any parents out there intend to promote an increased fitness level, self-discipline, a sense of respect for all, and reduction in energy levels in their children then, they must introduce a martial art form to them.

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