Generally practiced by an African community called “Venda” is a martial art form known as Musangwe. This “traditional” martial art form is said to have originated from South Africa. It is essentially a type of “boxing” that is said to have a “therapeutic” effect on young men who live increasingly stressful lives. Furthermore, this form of martial art basically involves the use of “knuckles”.

a. History/origin of the Musangwe:

According to the cultural history of South Africa, this form of martial art was created by a community in South Africa called Venda. Furthermore, it was basically developed so as to provide young men with an ideal outlet to deal with increasing stress they experience in daily life.

b. Weapon used in the Musangwe:

“A bare knuckle” is mainly used as a weapon by the fighter in this form of martial art.

c. Technique involved in the Musangwe and training availability:

In terms of technique, the fighters basically attack each other using “bare knuckle punches”. In addition, the bout between two fighters in Musangwe is usually organized in a ring in a place in South Africa called “Chifude”. As for training centers/schools, there are none available around the world since this “traditional” form of martial art is mainly practiced by a community called “Venda” in South Africa.

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