Also referred to as “Nikken” is an East Asian martial art form known as Nippon Kempo. This “full contact” combat form is said to have originated from Japan. Furthermore, this martial art form is basically used as “self-defense”. Apparently, this form of combat is available in over 100 universities within the country, and is also an integral part of the training used in many police forces around the world. In addition, as of today this combat form is practiced in countries such as Mexico, France, Italy, Ukraine, etc.

History/origin of the Nippon Kempo:

According to the cultural history of Japan, the Nihon Kempo was developed in the country in the year 1932 by Sawayama Muneumi, who was then an undergraduate student at the Kansai University located in Osaka. Apparently, he was born in a family that had close links to a Samurai clan. Furthermore, his training in judo began when he was attending Junior High School. He then proceeded to study in a university where he practiced both karate and judo. It was while practicing these varied forms that he understood the effectiveness of each of them. And so he decided to combine elements belonging to both “karate and judo” to create a unique martial art form which was eventually named “Nippon Kempo” which means “Japanese way of the fist or boxing”.

Weapon used in the Nippon Kempo:

Since Nippon Kempo is a “full contact” martial art form the weapon mainly used are the “hands and feet” of the fighter.

Techniques involved in the Nippon Kempo and training availability:

In terms of technique, this combat form essentially focuses on the “striking” method of combat. And so moves such as kicking, punching, blocking, throwing, and reverse joint locks are mainly used in this combat form. Furthermore, grabbing a strike or locking a joint is permitted in this form of combat. In addition, a fighter uses protective gear that includes a helmet, breastplate, gloves, and groin protector while practicing. As for training centers/schools, there is a number of them available in countries like Japan, Ukraine, Mexico, France, Italy, etc for all those interested in learning this “full contact” combat form.

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