Comprising techniques of “stick fighting” and “wrestling” is a form of African martial art known as Nuba fighting. This “traditional” form of martial art is said to have originated from the Nuba Mountains located in the South Kordofan state in southern Sudan. Furthermore, several Nuba wrestling tournaments are organized during planting and harvest festivals. In addition, Nuba stick-fighting tournaments are mainly organized post the harvest festival.

History/origin of Nuba fighting:

According to the cultural history of Sudan, this unique form of martial art which combines “wrestling” and “stick fighting” techniques is supposed to have been developed by a community called “Nuba” belonging to the South Kordofan state located in southern Sudan. In addition, it is due to the passion of the Nuba people towards “athletic” centric sports that has led to the development of “Nuba fighting”.

Weapons used in the Nuba fighting:

This form of martial art basically involves the use of “wrestling” and “stick fighting” techniques. It is in sticking fighting that weapons are involved, and they include “spear and shield”. In addition, the fighters also wear small armor while fighting.

Techniques involved in Nuba fight and training availability:

In terms of technique, there are two types involved and they include:

  1. Wrestling: In which the fighters involved “grapple” with each other in a standing position. Apparently, traditionally wrestling was done naked. However, nowadays the fighters wear T-shirts and shorts while wrestling.
  2. Stick Fighting: In which the fighters armed with a “shield and spear” fight each other. In addition, they also use small armor so as to avoid serious body injuries.

As for training availability, since this “traditional” form of martial art is mainly practiced by the “Nuba” community belonging to the South Kordofan state located in southern Sudan.

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