“Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response” is the acronym of a North American martial art form called SPEAR system. This “hybrid” form of combat is said to have originated from Canada during the 1980’s, and has been developed by Tony Bauer. Furthermore, this form of martial art is said to have introduced into several law enforcement agencies around the world.  In addition, this form of martial art essentially encourages the effective use of “reflex action” by an individual during threatening situations.

a. History/origin of the SPEAR system:

Apparently, this martial art system is said to have originated in Canada during the 1980’s. Furthermore, it was developed by Tony Blauer using elements belonging to the “Panic attack study” which was then transformed into a program called “Be your own bodyguard” before finally it was converted into the present day “SPEAR and Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Program”. In addition, this system is said to be a form of “self defense” that mainly focuses on how to “detect, defuse, and defend” against surprise assaults.

b. Weapon used in the SPEAR system:

It is the integration of the human body’s reflexive response with the instinctive survival mechanism that is used a weapon in this form of combat. In other word, this form of martial art is more “psychological” rather than it being “physical”.

c. Technique involved in the SPEAR system and training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter basically uses the physiology of “start and flinch response” to avoid surprise assaults. Furthermore, a fighter is also taught to focus on “Goal, Action, and Result” also known as GAR and thereby become psychologically prepared to react adequately to a sudden assault.  As for training centers/schools, there are number available especially in Canada for those interested in learning this “hybrid” martial art system.

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