Considered to be a “training system” and also known as “Universal Fight” is a Russo-German martial art style known as Unifight. This “grappling” combat form is said to have originated from Russia during the decade of the 90’s and was created by Novikov Sergey. Furthermore, this martial art style/system comprises of two stages that include the “close quarters battle and full hand-to-hand combat”. In addition, this combat system also includes weapon handling.

a. History/origin of the Unifight:

According to the cultural history of Russia, it was during the 1990’s that Unifight was created by Novikov Sergey. Apparently, this system of combat was first developed to be used by the military as an application. Furthermore, this comprehensive combat system includes components such as obstacle course, shooting using airguns, sporting knives, and hand-to-hand combat in the ring. In addition, an organization known as “International Amateur Federation Unifight” comprising of 32 member nations has also been established to promote this system. In fact, this federation has organized about 13 world championships in which fighters from about 35 countries have participated in. Since 2008, there have also been international Unifight competitions that have been organized for children belonging to the 10-11 and 12-13 age groups.

b. Weapon used in the Unifight:

Weapons such as a knife and a rifle are used in this combat form. In addition, in terms of the hand combat component used in this system the weapon mainly used is the “hands and legs” of the fighter.

c. Technique used in the Unifight and the training availability:

In terms of technique, the Unifight comprises of two key stages and they are as follows:

  1. Close Quarters Battle: In this stage the fighter must be able to overcome obstacles in the form of force, resistance filled tasks, and weapon handling. In addition, the weapons used in this stage include knives and rifles.
  2. Full hand-to-hand combat: In this stage a fighter faces an intense duel of hand-to-hand combat. Furthermore, the fighter basically uses moves such as punching, kicking, or throwing to overcome an opponent.

As for training centers/schools, there are few available especially in Russia for those interested in learning this unique “hybrid” combat form.

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