Pygmachia, Martial Art from Greece

Popularly known as “Boxing” is a Southeastern martial art form known as Pygmachia. This “striking” combat form is said to have originated from Greece, and was officially introduced as a sport into the Olympics in the year 688 BC.  Another term known as “pugilism” is also commonly used to describe this form of combat. Furthermore, this martial art form is said to mainly comprise of “striking” techniques. In addition, the fighters in this combat form make use of protective gloves.

a. History/origin of the Pygmachia:

According to the Greek cultural history, boxing was an extremely popular form of sport which was enjoyed by Greeks all across the country. However, it was in the year 688 BC that boxing for the first time was officially recognized as an integral part of the Greek culture when it was included as a sport in the 23rd Olympics. Furthermore, it was first practiced publically in ancient Rome when the fighter used a leather thong which has gradually over time evolved into protective gloves. In addition, it was at the fall of the Roman Empire that records representing the existence of boxing suddenly disappeared from public life. It was eventually in the United Kingdom that a list boxing rules known as “London Prize Ring” was introduced. These set of rules as of today are diligently followed in professional boxing.

b. Weapon used in the Pygmachia:

The weapon mainly used in this combat form is the “hand” of the fighter.

c. Technique involved in the Pygmachia and training availability:

In terms of technique, a fighter mainly uses “striking” technique to overcome an opponent. Furthermore, a move such as “punching” is mainly used in this style of combat. In addition, a Boxing bout is generally undertaken in a “ring”. As for training centers/schools, there are a number of them available all around the world for those interested in learning this “striking” martial art form.

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