Also known as “Vo Binh Dinh” is a Southeast Asian martial art form known as Vo Thuat Binh Dinh. This “regional” martial art form is said to have originated from a province known as “Tinh Binh Dinh” located in Vietnam. Apparently, all combat forms practiced in the Tinh Binh Dinh Province is said to be Vo Binh Dinh/Vo Thuat Binh Dinh. Furthermore, there are about 11 huyen (i.e. counties or districts) within this province that practice this style of martial art.  In addition, a uniform generally comprising of a black robe is worn while practicing this combat style.

a. History/origin of the Vo Thuat Binh Dinh:

According to the cultural history of Vietnam, any form of martial art that is practiced within villages located in a province known as “Tinh Binh Dinh” is termed as Vo Thuat Binh Dinh. It is also commonly referred to as Vo Binh Dinh. Apparently, a village like An Thai is popular for martial arts using bare hands, while the Thuan Truyen Quyen Village is known for its use of a combat form that basically uses a staff as weapon. In addition, a comprehensive list comprising of 18 weapons are made use in this form of combat.

b. Weapon used in the Vo Thuat Binh Dinh:

There are 18 basic weapons used in this combat form and they include:

  1. Con: Is a long staff.
  2. Kiem: Is a straight sword.
  3. Dao: It includes a broad sword, a dual miniature broad sword, and miniature broad sword on a staff.
  4. Thuong: Essentially is a pointed spear.
  5. Giao: Basically is a wide tip spear.
  6. Kich: Basically is crescent blade staff.
  7. Gian: Basically is a scepter.
  8. Phu, Song Phu and Single Axe: Comprises of dual axes and hammers.
  9. Song Chuy: Is a dual melon hammer.
  10. Bura Cao: Is essentially a rake.
  11. Lang Khien: Is basically a shield with a broad sword.
  12. Cung Ten: Is basically a bow and arrow.
  13. Xich: Is a chain whip.
  14. Xa mau: Is a serpent cane.
  15. Dinh Ba: Is a Tiger fork/pitch fork.
  16. Mo Gay: Is a fisherman’s spear/two point spear.
  17. Song Xi, Song To, and Song Dao: Are dual blades.
  18. Song Cau: Is a dual hook sword.

 c. Technique involved in the Vo Thuat Binh Dinh and training availability:

In terms of technique,  some villages in the province of Tinh Binh Dinh use a version of Vo Thuat Binh Dinh that make use of empty hand techniques, while a few others make use of a wide range of weapons. As for training centers/schools, there are a few available mainly within the Binh Dinh province in Vietnam for those interested in learning this “regional” martial art form.

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